Monday, March 17, 2014

Knobby Knife Breathes New Life Into Your Knobbies!

I was surprised and excited to hear about Knobby Knife from a riding buddy in Johnson Valley on a recent trip. He showed me his tires and described a tool revolutionary in its simplicity. He described a heated blade that allowed him to reshape his knobbies back to nice square blocks. It hit me all at once: why had I not heard of this?! Everyone knows you get some of your best riding on a fresh tire, and who wouldn't want to have that feeling over and over without having to pay for new tires and go through the hassle of changing them out? We all like to pretend we're monster mechanics that can have an off-road tire off a dirtbike in no time but come on, I know I have better things to do, like, oh, I don't know... ride!

Knobby Knife was created to cut your worn and rounded knobs on your off-road and dual sport motorcycle tires back to nice square edges. It is effectively a soldering iron with a nice big handle and a blade on the end. I've seen people suffer with razor blades, trying to get a little extra bite out of their old tires, but Knobby Knife eliminates the grunt needed with a razor blade by cutting through rubber like butter. Riders claim to be able to go over an entire rear tire in ten minutes after some practice.

Knobby Knife caught my eye because it's something the every-day rider can use to save a few bucks and stretch some mileage out of their tires. If you pay for racing out of your own pocket, Knobby Knife is probably a good addition to your tool box as well.

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Ballistic Evo 2, Evo 3 Lithium Batteries

A few years back, Ballistic introduced one the first widely available light weight lithium batteries to the motorcycle aftermarket industry. Performance motorcycle enthusiasts no longer had to drag around heavy lead acid batteries and could upgrade to a ballistic battery to save, up to 9lbs in some cases, some serious weight. The Evo2, as they were called, were designed to be as light and compact as possible but they lacked OEM sizing; so, once installed, there was a large amount of unused space in the battery compartment. For most racers and performance junkies, this wasn't a big deal because lithium batteries wouldn't spill and could be used on the their sides or even upside down.

Like many new technologies, the early adopters understood the potential challenges and could live with any early issues (that have since been ironed out). Current Evo2 batteries now have a balance charging port that allows each individual lithium cell to be charged to full potential. We found this is the best way to charge a lithium battery, although they don't need to be charged often under normal usage conditions.
Now, in 2014, Ballistic has gone back to the drawing board and developed a new Evo3 battery that is designed to fit securely in your stock motorcycle battery box without modification. Essentially, it will drop in and now should provide the ease of use a traditional battery with the weight savings and longevity of a lithium battery (often lasting multiple times longer than a traditional lead acid).

Most motorcycle models will have three Ballistic battery options. The Evo is the lightest and smallest, designed for racers and performance junkies that want the lightest equipment possible. The Evo3 is OEM sized and designed for the every day rider seeking to extend the life of his traditional lead acid battery and save weight in the process. The Evo3 "upgrade" has the same features as the standard Evo3 but provides even more power for the adventure or cruiser rider that has additional electronics on board.

Ballistic Battery Features:
* Up to 80% smaller compared to your stock battery 
* Up to 10lbs lighter compared to your stock battery
* The service life of a ballistic battery is double compared to a lead acid battery operated in similar conditions
* Comes with an industry leading 3 year warranty
* Have been designed, developed, and assembled in the USA
* Comes with hard mounted terminals of brass for a direct replacement installation
* Use of absolutely dry technology to enable mounting of batteries in any direction 
* The product is non-toxic, recyclable, and can air shipped
* The product is for use in powersports vehicles from 50cc - 1800cc
* Batteries are tested extensively by professional race teams
* Impact and water resistant
* No requirement of special charger
* The batteries lose only 10% charger over a year of static use, hence there is no requirement for trickle charger

You can order Ballistic Batteries here:


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