Thursday, January 23, 2014

Klim Latitude Pants

Klim Latitude Pants: Buying Decisions

I bought my first motorcycle, a Suzuki DR650SE, at the beginning of summer which was a great way to commute, especially living in Southern California. As fall came around, the first couple of rainy days caused some issues. I had no motorcycle-specific rain gear. I really needed some new riding pants.

I wanted a motorcycle riding Pant that would keep me dry and hold up to the rigors of riding in the dirt. When I began looking at waterproof pants, I was worried that whatever I got would cause the same problem as my traditional rubberized rain bibs so I started looking at materials first. I quickly realized that GORE-TEX was the way to go. Klim was the first company I really looked hard at as their reputation in the dual-sport, adventure, and enduro world is so good. Although pricey, I felt that Klim pants were the solution for me.

Klim's pant line-up covers much of the different scales necessary for different riders and includes various upgrades such as GORE=TEX, Cordura and optional armor. I found 
the Klim Latitude Pants (the ones I would end up getting). I feel these are a great balance for the mixed riding I do in the dirt and on the street. The Klim Latitude Pants are waterproof, warm in the cold, cool enough in some heat with the vents open and very comfortable while on the bike. The latitude pants are not designed as an over-pant and, fortunately, the material inside is comfortable against bare skin. I have not crash tested them on the street but have done so in the dirt a few times now. The hip and knee pads CE rated and are in the correct locations (and stay there) for me. They don't really pick up dirt that much and they stay pretty clean. It seemed I have found my salvation in a pair of Klim Latitude Pants.

The pants have two normal sized hip pockets and one pretty large thigh pocket. For ventilation there are two long vents on the outside of the thigh. These work well at catching the wind and pushing air into the pants. The key to this working is the two small exhaust vents on the back of thighs. These allow air to pass straight through the pants and keep you cool. The zippers are waterproof and take a little bit of working at first but quickly start breaking in. At the bottom of the pants, a zipper allows you to re-tighten that buckle that magically opens somehow on its own and a snap keeps everything closed and allows for a little adjustment. 

I tried on other pants but felt that the Klim Latitudes were the best for my needs. The Latitude Pants keep my dry, protect me somewhat from my mistakes, and do not get terribly sweaty. I'm pretty happy with my purchase.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pazzo Racing Levers Review

Pazzo Racing Levers Review

How about a shout out for one of the best pieces I have ever purchase and installed on my bike, introducing Brake and Clutch motorcycle levers by Pazzo Racing. Feeling safe and comfortable on a motorcycle is a #1 priority for me. Without these 2 things, your attention is taken away from the road and riding, and becomes focused on other things, for instance the motorcycle. Your bike and gear should be an extension of yourself; not needing to be thought about when riding on the road. We've used these for quite some time and we're ready to provide an accurate review. Read on:

Pazzo levers do just that. Designed and manufactured in Canada, Pazzo Levers are built to the highest quality and guaranteed to outlast your bike in most cases (barring a crash that is). They have 6 clicks on the lever for adjustment, 1 being closest in and 6 being the furthest out. They gave me the adjustment I needed over my stock levers on my R6 for my size 3XL hands, and most importantly FEEL much better than the original ones. Being able to adjust the pivot point is crucial, as pulling these levers feel much easier than my stock ones did.

And the best part of it all maybe? Installation! No need to bring the bike into the mechanic to get them fitted onto your bike, just do it yourself! The brake and clutch levers on most bikes are held by 1 bolt each, in the case of my R6 the only tools I needed to install them was a flat head screw driver and a 10mm socket wrench. They went on in less than 5 minutes.. crazy!

The Pazzo Levers come in a variety of colors, you can customize the color of the lever and the adjuster to match your bike and suit your needs! The levers even come in 2 different lengths; Long (Standard, same length as your OEM levers), and Shorty (about 1 1/4" shorter than your OEM levers). After sustaining some pretty heavy crashes from racing, I have had to replace my Pazzo levers once or twice and have had the opportunity to try both the long and shorty levers. After using both, I prefer the long style. Even though I had no problem using either length with my freakishly large hands, I found the clutch lever was a little harder to pull on the Short set due to losing some of the leverage you have on the lever from the shortened length. Despite that fact, we sell equal amounts of short and long, it is all about what makes YOU feel more comfortable on the bike.

Overall Pazzo Racing makes a very nice piece that I recommend buying to anyone I ride with. Shoot one of our resident part experts an email with any sales questions you might have and we will be more than happy to assist you!


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