Monday, April 19, 2010

M4 Dual GP Slip-On Exhaust for Z1000 10

M4 Performance Exhaust now offers dual gp slip-ons for the Z1000. This slip-on exhaust system drastically improve the look of the Kawasaki Z1000 while also producing 3 more horsepower than stock. M4 slip-ons save you 9lbs. over stock. The M4 GP slip-on exhaust for the Z1000 fits model years ranging from 2010 to 2015. What's more, is that the M4 is made in the USA while still provides a very attractive price point.

The GP exhaust line from M4 is designed to replicate the look and sound of high level racing to give your motorcycle a race replica inspired look and sound. The Z1000 GP exhaust comes in black, and is available in a dual configuration - meaning the kit comes with one muffler for each side of the bike.


  1. Gorgeous looking bike. What is the top speed on this baby? Among the top bikes, where would you rank this model?

  2. It's suppose to be a very, very good naked bike with superbike influence. I'm not 100% on the top speed but I'm sure it's way up there.

  3. It should do at least 150mph. I would say anything over 150 on a naked bike won't be too fun anyways.

  4. the new z1000 is a great bike and better than speed triple. have riden both extensively. the z is faster, smoother, smoother clutch, smoother gearbox, lower to the ground, more comfortable. if u r looking for a naked. i would go with the z1000.



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