Friday, February 26, 2010

Stomp Grip Traction Pads

Stomp Grip gives you aggressive traction for more control over your bike when performance riding. The best part is that Stomp Grip traction pads do not tear or wear down your leathers or riding gear. Now you can use your knees more effectively to grip the tank under hard braking to help curb arm pump. You can feel the bike better with your knees while leaning also.

If you're a performance junkie with out Stomp Grips on your bike you're missing out!


  1. I have been through 3 sets on two different track bikes and in each case the glue has broken down in hot weather and the Stomp Grips shift or come off completely (and yes they do tear up leathers in track bike use). Not a problem with my street bikes. Replaced twice, same problem, switched to Tech Spec grips and had no problems.

  2. daniel @ SoloMotoParts.comMarch 3, 2010 at 4:59 PM

    I haven't had problems with the glue breaking down personally. I have heard about it but Stomp will take care of it and send a replacement from what I hear. I ride on the track as well. I've heard of the tech spec grips. I'll check 'em out.



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