Sunday, December 27, 2009

BMW S1000RR Exhaust from Akrapovic

Akrapovic releases new exhausts for the BMW S1000RR. There's 2 different types of mufflers including a shorty hex style - available in Shorty Hex Evolution Full Titanium and Short Hex Racing Full Exhausts. Standard Akrapovic Hex mufflers are still available in a Racing full exhaust system and a full titanium Evolution exhaust system. Both standard hex and shorty hex systems should be available by the end of January 2010 from

Akrapovic full exhausts increase horsepower to a subtantial 191.30hp at 13270 rpm with a maximum power increase of 11.15 hp at 8450rpm. There is a huge mid-range torque increase at around 4500rpm and torque increases can be felt well in to the over-rev range. Shave lap times and smooth out the ride of your 2010 BMW S1000RR with an Akrapovic Full System!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Akrapovic Full Exhaust Systems for RSV4 09

We have the Akrapovic RSV4 Racing Full Exhaust System and Akrapovic Full Titanium Evolution System available!

Akrapovic Racing and Evolution systems are designed for riders who demand maximum performance from their motorcycle. Both systems are significantly lighter, if compared to the stock exhaust system and feature exceptional production quality, hi-tech materials and of course increased engine performance combined with pure racing sound output. The Akrapovic Racing and Evolution systems were developed to complement the racing character of the RSV4. The Evolution system is made entirely of our exclusive high grade titanium while the Racing system uses stainless steel header tubes and link pipe. We offer titanium or carbon-fiber mufflers for each combination. Both systems are not street legal and are designed for racing purpose only.

Power & Torque: The power increase with the Akrapovic system is substantial, and can be seen from 4800 rpm right to the top of the range. At 12450 rpm we measured 168.8 HP, with a max. power increase of 6.4 HP at 6790 rpm. The system’s effect on the torque and power curve is huge and strongest at midrange rpm. The main increase starts at around 4200 rpm and continues right into the over-rev range. All this will help you shave lap times and result in a much smoother ride.

Here's a video of the Evolution Full Titanium System:

Here's a video of the Racing Full System:

Monday, December 21, 2009

Kellermann Micro Turn Signals

We now carry Kellerman micro turn signal indicators. Considered to be the best front and rear signal indicators on the market! Kellermann makes some of the brightest, yet smallest, signal indicators in the industry with the use of hologen and super bright LED lights.

Kellermann also uses only the highest quality parts available to insure their products are of the highest standards. Made out of non-corrosive material, Kellermann products ensure a long life with style and durability. This is not the cheap Chinese made stuff people!

There are many different finishes also such as black powder, chrome, stain, and polished. They are also above their competition by being TUV approved. I have to admit that you do get what you pay for in this case. These are very, very clean turn signals.

Driven Pre-Drilled Oil Filler Caps

Driven oil filler caps are pre-drilled for safety wire and machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum. Anodized in black, blue, gold, red, silver and titanium. As an added theft deterrent feature, the removal of the cap requires the use of a wrench or a socket.

M4 Shorty Slip-On Exhaust for GSXR1000 09-10

Added to the already long list of products M4 has for the 2009-2010 GSX-R 1000 is the new shorty slip on. This slip on is available in Titanium or Carbon Fiber which perfect the look of the GSX-R. The pipe has a great sound level and provides an increase in performance over stock.

Check it out!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shoei RF1100 Helmets

Building on the strongest pedigree in the motorcycle helmet business, SHOEI is proud to introduce the all-new RF1100 or RF-1100. Since it’s 2003 inception, the RF-1000 has enjoyed great success, but that didn’t stop SHOEI’s world-class development team from throwing out the molds to build a brand-new helmet from scratch. Combining customer and dealer requests with advanced technology, modern testing practices, and 50 years of helmet-building experience, SHOEI is pleased to deliver the finest sport-touring helmet that money can buy. The all-new, groundbreaking RF-1100—where aggressive styling meets SHOEI’s unrivaled attention to detail, and the evolution of perfection is once again met.

Breath Guard (Included)
Chin Curtain (Included)
Nylon Drawstring Helmet Bag (Included)

Q.R.S.A. (Quick Release Self-Adjusting) Base Plate System
Need to change from clear to tint? SHOEI’s Quick Release Self-Adjusting (QRSA) base plate system includes a locking mechanism that allows you to do just that in a snap—no tools, no hassle, no problems!

Building on the successful QRBP, the QRSA maintains its predecessor’s easy-to-use features—like our simple shield release and attachment, and shield preset lever—but offers a significant advantage. SHOEI’s patented new spring-loaded technology featured in the QRSA eliminates the need to adjust base plates for proper sealing. Every time the shield is lowered, the spring-loaded base plates pull the shield back to contact the window beading evenly, ensuring a wind and waterproof seal.

CW-1 Shield
The all-new CW-1 shield is both wider and taller than the CX-IV that it replaces. In addition, the CW-1 shield protects SHOEI riders from 99% of the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays, and our three-dimensional injection-molding process ensures distortion free vision. Another advantage of the CW-1 shield is its ability to work in conjunction with SHOEI’s optional Pinlock system to deliver fog-free vision in even the most challenging conditions. The new CW-1 Pinlock lens is larger, and offers fog-free viewing to the very top of the helmet’s larger eye port.

AIM+ Shell Construction (Snell M2010-Approved)
SHOEI's proprietary AIM+ technology combines fiberglass with organic fibers that are so strong they can only be cut with a laser. The end result is a stronger, lighter shell that will absorb and distribute the force of an impact safely and efficiently.

Shell-Integrated Spoiler
New shell forming technology created during the development of SHOEI's groundbreaking VFX-W motocross helmet has allowed SHOEI to eliminate the need for the plastic Aero Wing that was found on the RF-1000. This new technology has allowed SHOEI to incorporate the aerodynamic advantages of a spoiler into the shell of the helmet, while maintaining consistent shell thickness to guarantee proper strength and weight. This shell-integrated spoiler works to reduce lift during high-speed riding, just like the spoiler on a sports car.

Variable Ventilation System
The RF-1100's new shell features three (3) intake and six (6) exhaust vents in total. Wind tunnel testing revealed that the optimal location for exhaust vents is actually much higher on the rear portion of the helmet's shell than originally thought. Better ventilation and aerodynamic performance is achieved by separating the spoiler and exhaust vents. The exhaust vent holes have been relocated to take better advantage of negative pressure suction, dramatically improving exhaust ventilation. SHOEI's variable ventilation system allows riders to select the perfect balance between airflow and silence.

Dual-Layer EPS Liner
* Dual layer liner yields enhanced impact absorption by adjusting thickness and density in key areas
* Inner liner features air channels for efficient cooling
* Impact-absorbing EPS liner throughout the entire chin bar

Interior System
The RF-1100 is equipped with a fully removable, washable, and replaceable 3D center pad and multi-layer cheek pads. The RF-1100's 3D center pad components are three-dimensionally shaped to match the contours of a rider's head. This 3D fitment allows us to provide a helmet with an extremely comfortable fit, while maintaining the firm hold that is necessary for distraction-free, high-speed riding. The RF-1100's multi-layer cheek pads are available in six different thicknesses to allow riders to customize the fit of their new helmet. In addition, the liner features eyeglass channels and an integrated neck pad.

Chin Curtain
The chin curtain can be inserted into the lower edge of the chin bar to reduce wind turbulence and noise.

Breath Guard
The breath guard can be inserted into the upper edge of the chin bar to help reduce fogging by diverted exhausted breath down out the bottom of the helmet.

5-Year Warranty
5-Year Warranty From Purchase Date. 7-Year Warranty From Helmet Manufacture Date. Whichever comes first.

See Shoei Helmets

LSL Frame Sliders Updated

Our selection of LSL frame sliders have been updated on the website. New additions for bikes with hard to find frame sliders include the BMW F800, BMW K1200R, Suzuki Bandit 1250/Bandit 650, Suzuki B-king, Suzuki Gladius to name a few. There are also options for Aprilia, KTM and Triumph .

LSL also developed an innovative frame slider for the CBR1000RR 08+ that doesn't required cutting or modifying the bike during installation.

Friday, December 4, 2009

A few new Shoei RF-1100 Graphic Helmets

Shoei RF-1100 Diabolic Revelation TC-5 Helmet

Shoei RF-1100 Warlord TC-5 Helmet

Shoei RF-1100 Hadron TC-6 Helmet

Lighting from Competition Werkes

Competition Werkes, the makers of fender eliminator kits, releases a line of LED turn signal marker lights and rear integrated tail light turn signals.

Check out the Light Werkes.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Akrapovic Street Legal Slip-on Exhaust for Dorsoduro 750 08-09

Akrapovic releases a street legal slip-on for the Aprilia Dorsoduro.

Akrapovic Slip-On for 250R 08-09

Akrapovic slip-on exhaust is now available for the popular 250R!

The dynamic superbike with just 250 cc of engine capacity offers a great tuning platform for motorcyclists who desire something special. The sporty and lightweight SLIP-ON systems offer a great balance between price and performance and represent the first step in the exhaust system tuning process.

The hexagonal muffler outer sleeve is made of titanium or carbon-fiber, which gives a special hi-tech touch.


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