Thursday, October 29, 2009

Alpinestars T-Shirts

Alpinestars Fall 2009 Casual Wear is online. There's some great looking t-shirts in the line-up.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Fall Icon Gear Online

Check out the new fall 2009 Icon Gear online now. See what's available and when it will ship, online! There's some seriously loud designs in the fall collection that you'll have to see to believe!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Drive Systems USA Superlite Steel Sprockets

We've added the Drive Systems Superlite steel rear sprocket to our famous custom 520 conversion kits.

Drive Systems' Superlite Rear Sprockets are ounces heavier than alloy rear sprockets but yet last three times the life. Tired of wearing out expensive alloy sprockets in a hurry? Check out our new steel Superlite 520 sprocket. Superlite rears are also the same weight as Supersprox Stealth Tri-Metal sprockets but cost less.

Currently available for Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha with Kawasaki sprockets coming in the next few weeks.

M4 Shorty Slip-on for GSX-R600/750 06-07

M4 Performance Exhaust has released a new slip-on for the 06-07 GSX-R600/750. That's right, you read correct, it's for the 06-07. I like to see companies going back to fill a demand in the market and this is a wonderful looking and sounding slip-on exhaust in my opinion. The super-short muffler tucks away beautifully and works well with the lines of the motorcycle. This slip-on comes with a quite insert installed so the neighbors don't complain about the noise.

Check out the video on YouTube

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

K&N Releases "Race Spec" Air Filters for Select Bikes

K&N Engineering, Inc., releases new "Race Spec" OEM replacement type air filters for the 08-09 R6, 09 R1 and 09 GSX-R1000.

- K&N's RACE SPECIFIC High-Flow Filter Media
- Lowers restriction, increasing horsepower and torque
- Fuel-Management modifications WILL BE necessary.
- Closed-Course Competition Use ONLY.
- Washable & Reusable
- One-Year Limited Warranty
- NOTE: MUST be oiled prior to installation

BMC's had a line of "Race" filters for quite some time now. Is it a little too late in the game for K&N to be releasing a "race spec" filter? I think not.

Most seasoned riders tend to gravitate towards BMC filters as the "must have" product for their sportbikes. I think this very reason is due to BMC's focus on motorcycle filters in the consumer U.S. market and the availability of their "race" version which gives our beloved Sunday-Rossi-wanna-be's a chance to feel sporty. I tend to think the majority of new riders would go for K&N given their huge brand presence there in the USA. Heck, I had a K&N in my 03 R6 when I started riding. I use K&N in my automobiles. Oddly enough, my current 06 R6 breathes through a BMC Track Filter. I guess I think I'm fast - ha ha.

In the end both companies seem to make a good product. BMC Filters are re-usable and washable just like K&N filters but you rarely hear about it. Marketing goes a long way. I've read forum posts such as, "K&N? It's not a car, it's a motorcycle. Go with BMC." Did you know that BMC makes automotive filters as well? You do now.


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